The BioPass ID access key is an alphanumeric code and serves as a way to identify yourself to the server when performing a transaction with our API. If you've already hired one of the BioPass ID plans, you'll need to create a project and an application linked to it to generate your access key. To do so:

  1. In your Dashboard, click Projects and then New Project, in the upper right corner of your screen;

  2. Fill in the fields with the name of your project, link to the subscription that was contracted, and click Confirm;

  3. With your project created, click Applications, just below Projects, and create an application in New Application;
  4. Fill in the fields with the name of your app, link it to the project you just created, and click Confirm;

  5. Once this is done, click the first button, with a key symbol, on the button group to the right of the name of the created application to find your access key;

  6. On the screen that will appear, just click the copy button, which is the second button of the three next to the access key, and your key will be automatically copied to your clipboard, or click the See subscription key icon to see your key;

With these steps completed, you will already have your access key to BioPass ID and will be ready to use it in your applications and start making transactions with our system.