To receive a subscription key to communicate with our system, you must first hire a plan. The plans have been designing having in mind the specific needs that your company may have. To hire a BioPass ID plan:

1. See te plans available in the dashboard at;

2. Read the description of each plan and choose the one that better fits your company's needs by clicking Hire;

3. On the next screen, create an account in BioPass ID, or click I already have an account if you have already registered previously;

4. Then, open your e-mail again to validate your new account by clicking Verify now on the e-mail we will send you;

5. Then fill in the fields with your personal information and click next when you are ready;

6. Next, fill in your company information and click Next when you are done;

7. Select the currency that will be used (Dollars or Real) and confirm that the package and plan information are correct. Then, click Next;

8. Read the contract term, click I have read and accept the Therms of Use and Privacy Notice, and do the same in I have read and accept the terms of agreement. Then, click Next again;

9. Lastly, make sure the information is correct on the screen that will follow, and click Confirm signature;

At the end of these steps, your subscription will be submitted for approval by our team. You can verify that it has already been approved by clicking Dashboard and then Signature, looking at the status field. When it is marked as Active, this